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The Ultimate
Quartz Infrared Heater

June 15,2010

Congratulations! Ruwac Design, LLC was selected as a 2010 Innovation Michigan Award finalist.

The heater currently for sale is a pre-production beta heater.


What's so great about the ION heater?

Cost savings from real world test results:

• 2007/2008 heating season with propane / $3,180.52 total / $13.25 average per day (240 days)

• 2008/2009 heating season with ceramic / $1,326.07 total / $5.43 average per day (244 days)

• 2009/2010 heating season with ION / $548.39 total / $2.26 average per day (243 days)

• one heating season with ruwac ion compared to propane: $2,632.13 total savings / $11 savings per day

Quartz infrared benefits:

• saves energy

• heats area evenly

• safe for kids and pets, outside shell stays cool

• healthier, does not reduce humidity and oxygen in the room like some types of heaters

• emits negative ions (potential relief of respiratory problems, enhanced immune system response, and increased alertness)

ION has all the benefits common to quartz infrared plus:

• patent pending airflow system heats room faster

• can be placed against a wall or in the corner due to placement of both intake and outlet on front (less obtrusive and allows more flexibility in room arrangement) Note: Beta heater also draws air in from the bottom.

• simple and clean design of one-piece exterior cabinet (looks great and allows for easy personalized styling at time of purchase or later on)


Member of Muskegon Iinventors Network.