There is a place, my child - a place precious to Me.  For precious in My sight is the death of My saints.  I call my saints to this place when it is the proper time.  I call and they hear, for they always hear my voice, but oh, the price!  And you do know it.  And the struggle is there.  And the tears and the questionings of My way and why, oh why, oh, Lord.  But to bring you to the true riches of gems tried by fire, it is truly the way.  Oh, I've watched in great tenderness the death of My saints and truly they must desire Me, all of Me to go this way.  And I give beauty for ashes.  The ashes of not your miss - spent life, but the ashes of you.  Of you.  The life truly laid on the altar.  Not to get up again, though many have - but deep calls unto the deep in you.  You hear Me, you hear Me and nothing else satisfies or matters but to follow Me all the way - even your death to your desires and your ambitions and not to be taken back again.  No, pray Lord, bind me to the altar that I cannot rise again for it is my will to follow you even to my death.  And yea, it brings such joy not only to Me, for I know the other side of the resurrection.  But trust Me.  I'm not talking about death of the mortal onto immortality, but the death of you that you did in symbolism of the baptism of water.  The reality of your death for My life is what I call each of you to.  Except a kernel of wheat fall and die it cannot rise in newness.  Not as a live kernel does it rise to, but to a new plant, tall and strong in the likeness of the parent plant, even I, says the Lord.

I tell you, I watch the process in much tenderness for your death is painful and because it is, I have pain.  But, know the power of the resurrection.  I am the resurrection and the power.  A new life I give you not at all like you before.  And I will give you the crown of life, I will write on you your new name.  Be not afraid, for when you walk through the fire and the flame, I will be there.  And the sacrifice must be seasoned with fire.  It's My fire - the fire of acceptance.  Come, follow Me through the way of the cross, for those that suffer and share in My sufferings, whom you are a very part, will you not also share in My inheritance?  And the glory shall cover you and keep you.  To all who hear My voice and to all in whom My hunger does abide.  Come; come follow Me.  I go with you.  I am there. Though you go alone apart from another, I go with you.  I shall not leave you.  I say to you in encouragement, this is the way, for you question Me.  And I am your faithful High Priest.  I will perfect the sacrifice with fire, yes!  I will baptize with fire.  Persevere in this walk till you have put the lid on your coffin.  Do not hold open a back door to escape, but go on.  Persevere till it is done, the lid on.  Mourn not for yourself; for I say to you if you mourn not, I will give you beauty for your ashes.  Even your grieving and self-pity must die on the altar given wholly and privately to Me, past the saying of I'll do what you want and go where you want, I want your life.  I have a resurrection waiting for you - a new life.  Where it is true that you are crucified in Christ, nevertheless, you live but the life you will now live is Christ living in you.

His Love