First Love

Isaiah 43:22-24."And you have been weary of Me, O Israel.  You have not brought Me the sheep for your burnt offerings, Nor have you honored Me with your sacrifices, I have not caused you to serve with grain offerings,

Nor wearied you with incense.  You have bought Me no sweet cane with money, Nor have you satisfied Me with the fat of your offerings; But you have burdened Me with your sins,

I will show you how it is so.  How does it matter, such a little thing like sweet cane to God?  A Great Big God!  Sweet Cane?  Purchased with money?

I show you now how it is with My soul.  

When you courted your mate in the early days, did you not please her with candy?  Sweet cane purchased with money?  Usually very sweet, called chocolates.  All specially wrapped up in a heart shaped box with a ribbon tied in a bow.  It looked like what a lover would give.  That's why you chose it.  And there was the rose.  It brought a tender smile to her lips.  So you thought, I will bring a bouquet to bring many smiles.  It touched her heart.  You knew it (maybe thought it was foolish) but it worked, did it not?

And she was wooed.  Yes, by you.  You went after her till you won her affections with foolish things like sweet cane.  And today you are married and she questions in her heart, where are the tender touching, romantic things he did for me because I was special and I was wanted.  Was I deceived then?  Did he after all think them only foolish things.  Because he knew I required them.  He did whatever it took.  Oh, but oh, she says, he touched me in the tender place of my heart. He showed me I was worth the extravagance of a foolish thing.  Oh it was smiles.  It was love in the early days.  I was his first love.  And now he seems wearied with candy and roses.  A "have to do thing," you know, to please her.  No longer given with tender pleasure, hoping to bring the response.  No, I fear it has become a "have to" extracted from him.  Well, she says to herself, I will not let him know that I know he is wearied and no longer in the blossom of first love.  That I know that other loves have taken his affections like fishing, like going out with the guys.  My fire wanes.  It burns low.  And he wonders why.  Don't you know, he says, how much I love you?  She says its not the same, the flower of our love is gone and I go on.  I look longingly at the new lovers, doing the same as we and know sadly, that it will end up the same as we.

There is My story, says the Lord.  When you say how have I left my first love and how have I wearied you, God.  I say, you think to bring sweet cane purchased with money is foolish.  And My pleasure at your tender love has died down.  Way low.  My fire went low because of sadness at how My betrothed has been wearied of Me.  No rose?  No dance?  How have I left you?  What have I done for I change not.  You said those things are silly.  Even the dance.  Did you not know that it was our dance?  The dance of Love?  I long for the days of our first love.  You knew and heard it so you did what was required of you.  I called it religion.  Religious duty.  I think, says God, that your mate calls it that too.  You fought and defended yourself saying, I have many burdens in this life and yes, my pleasures, the fishing trips.  Did I mention in My written Word about the cares and pleasures of this world, how they snuff out life.  All your defending hasn't healed my heart or your mate's.  We already know the truth that our love is to be endured.  To be practiced just like religion.

I ask you, could you come back like it was in early days?  Your mate has changed too, you say, her beauty is common to you.  If that is your excuse, then where is my excuse, for I change not nor has My beauty waned.  What have I done that My betrothed is already wearied of Me.

I counsel you to again look at Me with tender eyes.  Come dance with Me.  Do not perform.  Please do not perform.  I have much of that already.  I'm desiring romantic love.  Love for who I am.  I will respond.  My flame will quicken and burn hotly for you.  Oh, I've always loved you as you say you do me.  But I long for the joyful times.  The lovely times.  I want to so fill you with Me.  More as one.  More as one as you sing.  Come after Me and we will run together.  Did you not know that love is stronger than death?  Who can quench it, not death.  Nothing will come between such love.  This is the hour My bride is making herself ready.  Not your washing,  I will do that but you can turn to Me with your whole heart and desire and let our love burst into flame.  Yes!  I make My ministers flames of fire.  Who can quench it.  Its stronger than death.  My passion is fire.  Respond to Me, awaken Me to passion of love for you.  Court Me.  Woo Me.

I've told you now My secret desire.  I've bared My heart now.  I have no pride.  I've humbled Myself - for love.

September 16, 2002, From the overflow of how he speaks to me, Linda.

His Love