He Was Hidden

I asked today why He chose the way He did.  "Why", I said, "did you choose to reveal yourself through man, thereby, losing so much of your inheritance, man."  Couldn't, I reasoned, there be a much larger harvest, Lord, if you did not choose to reveal yourself through man?  I grieve, you must grieve at the loss.

He said, "He did not want worship because of His power or Glory.  He wanted to be loved because of His character, His goodness, His inner beauty.  That's why , He said, I came the first time not attractive that any should desire Me for looks or likeable personality.  I still come today the same way in you.  To be seen by those who are truly wanting My love and truly desiring My beauty and graciousness.  Truly, they are attracted to the real Me.  This I desire, however, not many are.  Sadly, not many are.  That is what grieves you.  My heart is longing  for My true love.  Many still worship themselves.  Their ideal is a better self.  That is why they don't respond to the light they might see.  Light attracts but not if they love darkness.  It is important that My light bearers are bearing My light.  This is why the emphasis has been on dying to self.  Be not as the world, My people, loving self.  For My light to shine in you so the world will be able to see if they want to, is for you to not consider your own ways but yield to mine.  You know the way.  You know when yourself is having its own way because you ask for forgiveness.  Its pleasurable to the sin nature, but My desire must be yielded to.  My life will give life to others who are looking.  That is why not many who are wise, rich or beautiful seek Me; but  the gospel of good news is preached to the poor and poor of heart.  They are not satisfied but are looking, saying, is that all there is?  You are My light reaching like a beacon to them.  Therefore, My people, be open minded to my ways and thoughts.  The ones I am drawing are not the beautiful people .  Do not look past them using your own judgement.  My harvest field is there, not usually where you are looking though.  Repent concerning your own pride.  Ask to see My harvest, that you not look past them."

By Linda

His Love