Higher Worship

Beauty and intimate flow in the Spirit is the wooing and courtship of the Bride.

I'm going to give My people who truly want Me shepherds and worship leaders like David.  My people have not had a David in the past because they do not want David.  I give them what they want.  They wanted Saul instead of Me.  David, who danced before Me with all his heart, was ridiculed by Michal, his wife.  My people have wanted Sauls instead of Davids because they have been too concerned and preoccupied with themselves, who is looking at them, who might be Michals.  My Body is missing the power of My presence because they are more concerned about Michals.

My David has been spending much time alone with Me.  Here he has learned.  He will teach My Body and lead My Body into a more Holy and intimate worship.  I say again, since the time of long ago, My Body does not want David.  I will give you what you want.  If you want Me with all your heart, I will give you Davids.

You say you do want Me with all your heart.  Are you prepared to dance with all your might at the move of My Spirit?  Or My Holy Presence may have a quiet, awesome silence where there is no need to talk and fill the gap in time because "I AM" is filling it.  Are you prepared to pay the price for this powerful anointing of My Glory?  Remember, there will be Michals.  They will leave you.  Are you prepared to lose face before men?

(Song of Soloman 6:8,9)  Consider, consider, My Bride, whether you be queens, concubines, virgins without number, or whether you will be like the one and only Dove who has a single eye.  She is lovely.  She is radiant.  She leans upon My breast.  And there is room for many Doves with single eyes, for I am the Many Breasted One.  I have My many virgins, but My heart longs for the Dove who will worship and love Me with all she has, even to the detriment of her reputation.  My Dove pays them (the Michals) no mind.

It is the Doves who enter the Holy of Holies.  It is they who will bear the Glory of My Presence in power.  For they have been before Me soaking up My Glorious Presence.  They will shine far brighter with radiance than  the Glory upon Moses.

By Linda

His Love