Keep the Vision

Write the vision, run with the vision, encourage My people.  Tell them to Keep the vision.  Its not a personal vision.  It is thee vision.  It is the hope to which you were called.  It is by faith.  It is walking and even running as if it were.  Do you believe what I told you?  What I promised?  Do you wait for it, though it tarries?  Does your joy wane in the waiting?  Or do you believe Me still?  As you have seen the death of brethren who had a vision not fulfilled to their or your eyes, and as you have read the discouragement of the disciples on the Emmaus Road thinking its past, its over and we have missed it; this is how My people have walked, thinking, we have failed or their God did.  As mourners before their Lord.  And your God has waited to see if there be any among you that walks by faith and not by what he sees; who accepts the promise as Abraham, though he dies.  For I tell you he who is not deterred from that hope of what was promised and walks in joy and patience regardless of what he sees or what other's say of doubt, to him it is counted as righteousness.  To him it is as if he has done the vision for he believed and was not wavered from what I said.  I say, it is the same as if he had it just as Abraham.

Romans 4:20 "He did not waver at the promise of God through unbelief, but was strengthened in faith, giving glory to God, and being fully convinced that what he had promised He was able to perform.  And therefore, it was accounted to him as righteousness."

Will He find faith?

Its not your vision but mine.  You are all one.  It is a much larger vision than what you thought - much being centered around yourself and how you would be brought forth in great exploits.  But worrying that perhaps these babes will have it instead.  Its not instead.  Its you believing you have it.  It's the call of the Body.  Its all as one.  Therefore, I have waited to see whether you would believe.  Or whether the natural will after all convince you that you will not make it.  Even if you died, even if, I am waiting to know your faith.

Such joy, such joy is mine concerning those who rejoice always and give thanks always not according to any sign or to what they see or even hear but only what they knew I said.

Yes!  Hear it well!  To them it will be accounted as the same as though they did it.  And they do and did through the rest of the Body.  So, therefore, there is no jealousy but urging to run.  To keep the race until the very end.  As also, the great cloud of witnesses, saying run, run, cheering you on.  Your finish is theirs also.

By Linda

His Love