A New Birth

Of all the gifts beneath the tree The one that means the most to me

Is the reason we have all this fuss And then later came all the presents and stuff

He came to be a gift of Eternal Life And brought with Him a Love from Above to conquer all strife

His humanity started in a stable so humble And He continues today to receive all who may stumble

To restore us back to His Fathers Good Grace As we ask forgiveness and in humbleness place

Our lives into His Victorious Hands And trust in Him as Salvation Plans

He's not welcomed by the ones whom don't want to be accountable For their greed, and their pride and their sin insurmountable

But for all who know Truth and do try to proceed In thoughts of His Word, by our actions and deeds

He is closer than a brother, if a relationship we choose For it's a matter of heart, and there is so much to loose

Because this Innocent Babe, this Gift to all of man When grown, allowed Himself hung on a tree, to complete His Father Plan

So welcome to the Family of Him sent from Heaven to Earth And if on Him you do believe, then welcome also to, a new birth

May God Bless You All & Draw Your Hearts to the Reason for This Season

lou 11/22/07 Friday 10 am