A Presence Among The Presents

Presents or Presence which is it to be We have a choice of what surrounds our hearts and tree

With each pretty ribbon and bow Do you see within the Gift, that conquered all foe

Our first Gift whom came from Heaven Above As a small tiny babe to show to the world God's Continual Love

And later when grown taught us a way to follow And not continue hopelessly in sin to wallow

As we look at beautiful ornaments we hand upon our tree Does it bring to mind, how He allowed them to hang Him, so all could be free

And as the lights of this season twinkle beautiful and bright Does it remind us of the Star above Bethlehem that Night

Do the gifts we wrap and wait to give Show the way He wants us all to live

During this season the carols we sing Are often centered around a New Born King

But what song do we sing the rest of the year Is it one of love and honor that will draw Him near

Do we see Him among the presents during this time of Christmas delight Do we remember His Presence daily, waiting for us, that He may make things right

My prayer for all during this wondrous Christmas Season Is that we are drawn to His Presence & seek out Him, who is the presents Reason

Merry Christmas to all, Be Blessed with His Presence

lou 11/25/07 Sunday 7:30am

The most Precious Gift of all is not found under our tree But within a heart, given to Him, and changed for all to see

lou 12/4/07