Padded Pew

     I was sitting down in the office talking to my new friend, John, about our precious lord Jesus.  Quite unexpectedly he stopped; I saw the formation of moisture enter his eyes, an ever so slight quiver started in his lips.  As his head pointed down some he began to speak with tension in his lungs to choke back the tears.  He said, "I just came back from Haiti, where I saw people by the hundreds, maybe by the thousands, dying of starvation and disease.  I also saw some hope as people were being saved; healed, set free from demons, and some raised from the dead. Even people with missing arms and legs have new ones grow back before our very eyes."  He paused a moment and then said.  "I just came back to find my church in all out war with yelling and finger pointing over whether to spend money on padded pews."  With his head going down farther, he just shook his head.   We were both at a loss for words.


Tonight, I was looking at over 1000 lids for urns and thinking, "How many souls are represented here that are going to spend an eternity in hell because of padded pews?" Then I asked the most horrible question.  "How many will spend an eternity in hell because of my padded pew?"

Written 2-2-2000 by Tom Krapp: True story.