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Baby's Hand Reaches Out Of The Womb

The above is one of the most amazing photographs that you'll ever see. It's a picture of Samuel, a 21 week old baby boy, whose tiny hand reaches out of the womb and grabs the finger of the surgeon who was operating on him, as if to say, "thanks doc, you did a wonderful job."

It should be seen by the WHOLE WORLD.

It happened when Dr. Joseph P. Bruner, director of fetal diagnosis and treatment at Vanderbilt University Medical Center was performing a cutting edge procedure on a 21 week old fetus. Bruner and Samuel's parents hope the surgery will alleviate the effects of spina bifida, a disabling birth defect in one or two of every 1,000 babies born.
During the procedure, surgeons remove the uterus from the mother, drain the amniotic fluid, perform surgery on the tiny fetus, then put the uterus back inside the mother. The procedure took about an hour.

There are no words to describe this incredible photo. If this doesn't set the abortion industry and the PCKU (pro-choice to kill the unborn) back on its ears, then heaven help us.

The defenders of a woman's right to have an abortion, if she so chooses, would have you believe that Samuel is nothing but a non-sentient blob of tissue. Never, again will the abortion clinics, be able to tell these lies to women who are about to have their unborn babies killed. It was almost as if Samuel was shaking the finger of the hand of the man, who was trying to save his life -- to thank him for his compassion and effort.

With all that open space, instead of grabbing for air, Samuel's hand, actually grabbed the surgeons finger. In my book, this precious 21 week old creation of God is more sentient than those who advocate the proposition, that women should have the right to condemn their babies to death, if it would make their lives easier.

Would you believe that our president, Clinton, twice, vetoed the ban on partial-birth abortions and is about to veto it again? The ban would have prevented doctors from killing babies, Samuel's age and even older, while they're being born. And let's not forget the Senators, who agreed with Clinton.
Even if they don't believe in God, you'd think they would want it banned, just out of a sense of common decency.

For a description of the procedure of a partial-birth abortion and what you should know about abortions, including the Abortion/Breast Cancer link, read my articles on these subjects. Click the link below: Abortions - The Truth.

Clinton and the liberal Democratic Senators, who voted Not to ban this barbaric procedure, say they would ban it -- if there was an exception that it could be done to preserve the HEALTH of the mother. There WAS an exception, that it could be done to save the LIFE of the mother, but this was not enough for Clinton and the rest of the liberals.

To include a health exception is ludicrous and if inserted, would be the same as having NO ban at all. Doctors can easily get around it with no problem. Women's health could mean just about anything. They can even say, "doctor if I have this baby, it will make me nervous," or they can say, "It makes me ill to just think about this pregnancy."
Clinton and the pro-abortion Senators know a health clause would make the ban useless. NOT one baby's life, who is destined for death by this cruel procedure will be saved. They want to make sure, that if a woman changes her mind late in her pregnancy and wants to kill her unborn baby -- that it would be a "legal killing." This is sick.
Thus they have satisfied the pro-aborts who got them elected. Maybe one of these days they'll satisfy GOD and not Satan.

Before you contact me -- I know, there were three Republican Senators, who voted along with thirty- one Democratic Senators, to allow this gruesome procedure to continue. But as a whole, it would appear that Satan has chosen The Democratic Party to do his dirty work. If anyone has another explanation for the disparity of the two parties, concerning the sanctity of human life and the reverence to God -- I beg you, please let me know.

It's the same old story. Thanks to Satan's easy access to the minds of the liberals, we got the abominable Roe vs Wade decision. Prior to that, they took prayers out of the public schools. These two decisions have given Satan a smile from ear to ear and have brought our country to the brink of hell.

The declining moral values of the Democratic party, is the reason I became a Republican, years ago. I could see the handwriting on the wall. I will NOT be in a party that sees nothing wrong, if a woman wants to kill her unborn baby.
A party which sees nothing wrong with taking prayers out of the public schools. If children don't learn right from wrong and the wages of sin at home -- that's just too bad -- has to be their mindset.
A party which sees nothing wrong with trashing organized religions with terms like the "religious right," "the far religious right," "the fanatic religious right."
As if, being religious is some sort of an evil preoccupation.

In plain words, if you believe in God and obey his Commandments, you belong to the religious right. If you attend church services on a regular basis, you belong to the far religious right. If you do all of the above and believe in the sanctity of human life and EVERY ONE of The 10 Commandments and fight for these principles, so that we can halt our country's freefall into the abyss of hell, then you are referred to as the fanatic religious right.
It's getting to the point that you can't turn on the TV without hearing one of the above terms by the liberal Democrats.

There's no more important issue that faces our country, than the issue of the, "killing of unborn babies."

It's very simple -- your vote will determine, what kind of people you want to represent you, in congress and in the White House and what kind of a country, you want for your children. Our once Godly country, is sinking fast. Satan is having a field day and we had better start waking up to that fact.

Ernest Hemingway once said, "This is a fine country and it's worth fighting for."
I agree with the last part, but until we stop the killing of unborn babies and reverse the moral degeneracy of our country, how can it be a fine country?
But it definitely is worth fighting for -- to reverse the damage done by the liberals and get our country back to God.

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists said that, "it could identify no circumstance under which this procedure,(PBA) would save the life or preserve the health of the woman." Other methods are better and faster. The Journal of the American Medical Association (8-26-98 issue) featured an article saying that partial-birth abortion is unsafe for pregnant women, painful for unborn children and unethical because of questions about fetal viability.

Clinton and the liberal Democratic Senators, ignored the medical profession because they had to pay back the people who got them elected. The lives of babies about to be born, means nothing to them. What matters are votes.

You can bet that the liberal press will try to suppress this picture, the same as they continually try to suppress the fact that abortions increase the risk of breast cancer.
Why, its already begun. Matt Drudge who has a show on the Fox network, was prevented from showing the picture, by Fox News President, Alger Ailes. Drudge said, "the thought that I was going to misrepresent the picture as an abortion, is junk." Drudge walked off the show.

The "Brass" at Fox were so worried that the picture would be a setback to abortion on demand, that they prevented one of the most newsworthy pictures and stories in the history of mankind from being shown to the American people.
To withhold this picture and the story behind it, from the public is a tragedy and against everything that brave Americans died for - freedom of the press and freedom of speech. But, they WILL show elephant feces and pictures of vaginas and anuses on a picture of the Blessed Virgin Mary and call it art and say that it is protected under our constitution. Trashing Christians is OK, but, giving hope to many people is bad.

The fact that this new surgery, could save the lives of babies, was of no consequence to them.
The fact that women may see this picture and be enlightened that there is a choice, other than death, if their unborn baby is not perfect, was also ignored by Fox.

One would think that the media would WANT to publish this picture, simply for the fact that it may save the lives of unborn babies and give mothers HOPE that all is not lost if her baby is not completely normal, That there are new procedures for intra-uterine surgeries. IT'S A BREAKTHROUGH IN MEDICINE.

Tonight, check your newspapers and listen to the news, and see if they give you any news that's more newsworthy than the picture of baby Samuel's hand reaching out of the womb to clutch the finger of his surgeon.

Let's face it and call it for what it was -- An attempt by Fox to propagate the PCKU agenda. To show the picture, would be a big blow to the liberals and the billion dollar abortion industry. It reminds me of a statement by Clinton, who said, he is against abortions, but a woman should have that choice. He also said that he wants fewer abortions done. The very first time he gets his wish, he vetoes the ban on PBA.

The people at Fox did a great disservice to the American people, just to satisfy their liberal agenda at the expense of human lives.

This picture has absolutely nothing to do with abortions, as the "brass" at Fox have stated.
Which was the reason for their squelching of the picture. THE PICTURE HAS TO DO WITH PRESERVING LIFE. But in today's society that's a no, no.
Just when you think, it can't get worse -- then Fox comes along and assures us that it can and is.

I urge you all, to contact your Senators, who voted Not to ban this gruesome procedure, especially you, who reside in their state. The mail of constituents will be read and you will get an answer by regular mail -- but you must include your name and street address. When you write to other Senators -- your mail will also be read, but your only response will be an automated pre-formed response, stating that your mail will be read and noted. It is important to contact all the Senators who voted to NOT ban PBA, by mail AND by phone and let them know your feelings.

Visit my home page for their e-mail addresses and phone numbers.
E-mail for Fox Network:
You may also have words for them -- I know I do.... Frank Joseph MD

NEWS FLASH! Since the above was written, I received word that Samuel was born. Samuel was lucky that he had a loving mother and father, or he wouldn't be with us today. He would have been killed because he was not perfect. It's a pity that it's the luck of the draw, that determines, if we live or die, when it should be in the hands of God.