Psalm 22:3 "But you are holy, Enthroned in the praises of Israel."

    My favorite bible teacher and the editor of my bible, Jack W. Hayford, says, "Praise will bring the presence of God. Although God is everywhere present, there is a distinct manifestation of His rule, which enters the environment of praise."

     I can testify that this is so. I have been involved in an ongoing spiritual battle in the office where I work. The enemy has had a foothold there for years. There have been years of strife and contentions that have left the people wounded and touchy. This atmosphere has created the perfect place for Satan to continue working his mischief by dividing and blinding the people who work there.

     When I came to work two years ago, I realized that there had not been a godly influence present for many years. No one had brought the light of the gospel or God's spiritual principles to that place for as far back as anyone there could remember. I was ready to quit the first month.  Instead of quitting, I decided to pray and ask God what to do. He led me to stay and live the life of a believer. That meant to act as peacemaker, to set an example of forgiveness and to sprinkle His word there everyday. It seemed more than I could reasonably be asked to do. God knows that I am not the most practiced at peacemaking or forgiveness. My nature is to argue and retaliate. Somehow over the course of the first year, God gave me the grace to model His principles daily. Doing things His way gained me respect and friendship.

     In January, I was elected union steward and in April some serious developments within management required me to be involved in a serious fight for a coworker's job. Along with this battle in the physical realm came a battle in the spiritual realm to break the stronghold of the enemy in that place.

     Let me say that God is faithful to be true to His Word. He never failed to give me grace, discernment and strength when it was needed. When I was overcome with despair and cried out to Him, He always brought some kind of breakthrough. When I could see no change in my circumstances, worship and the implied submission to God was my only refuge. He never failed to come to my rescue. Sometimes He changed the circumstances, but most often He changed ME. He sent me pictures and dreams that reassured and soothed me. He gave me insight to see beyond the circumstances to the real battle and the real enemy. Sometimes He sent a song or a message over the radio while I was working that I knew was just for me. However He accomplished it, He was always with me. Every day, every minute no matter what.

    How did worship figure into the picture? When I didn't know how to pray. When I didn't know where in the Bible to look for a scripture. I bent my knees and submitted myself to Him. I spoke my love for Him and acknowledged out loud that He was Lord of the universe, my office and my life. I recognized that I was powerless in the situation and was at His mercy. I praised Him no matter what was happening. Sometimes only because His word told me to. I wasn't always convinced that he cared what was happening at work, but His word said that He did, so I CHOSE to believe it! Every single time, without exception, He confirmed my belief in some tangible way.

     This is not some story in a book. This is not some story told over and over until it sounds like a fairy tale. This didn't happen to someone else. This was Me! This was happening to ME! Daily! Now, SEVEN months later, I can see his hand in every single day of that time. Things have not changed much at work and the problems there are not all resolved, but seven months of God's faithfulness have convinced me. He is interested and active in the most mundane things of my daily life. He CARES about my work, my family and my feelings. He can, has and will continue to provide for me in the most intimate ways. What this has taught me, more than anything, is that He is there in power and might when I will bow my knee and worship Him in humility and love. He truly does "live" in the praises and worship of the ones who loves Him.

     Paul knew and now I know that, in ALL THINGS, I will praise the Lord !

Georgia Rodrick