Tom Krapp's testimony

     This testimony is for those who need a miracle in their lives.  When people and doctors say no way, Jesus says, try my way.
      As I lay a foundation  for this story it will be a bit depressing but hang in there, victory is sweet.
     We will start when I was in eighth grade, I was a very athletic young man almost braking all the school records in the Presidential Physical Fitness Program.  I was also the tenth fastest junior cross country runner in the state of Michigan.  From there to age 17 I became six feet and two inches tall but my physical ability's became worse and worse along with an increase in pain.  While I was being measured for my graduation gown at age 18 the man said I was six feet and one half inch tall.  Teenagers are not suppose to shrink one and a half inches so I went home and asked my mom to measure my height.  It was true, so we went to a doctor and got some blood test and he said "You have arthritis, take these pills for the rest of your life and you will live a normal life."  Well the pills worked for a few weeks and I was pain free for a while.  As life went on things got worse.  In my late twenty's it got to the point where I was no longer able to get up off of the floor without crawling over to something to pull myself up or have someone pick me up.  I was in pain 24 hours a day.  Getting home after work was fun; I had to push on my knee's to push the gas, brake, and clutch peddles.  Most mornings after a work day I woke up with my arms and legs numb and was unable to move them.  I had to flop one hand on top of the other and move my shoulder to rub the swelling out of my hand.  Then I had to pick up my legs and throw them over the edge of the bed and rub them so could either crawl or walk to the bathroom.  A few times I didn't make it in time.  I think you have the picture.  I found myself lonely, cold hearted, and a cripple with no hope for the future.  One day I remember laying on the couch and saying out loud "If there really is a God up there, I need help!"  I grew up going to church but I never knew I could have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  By this time in my life I really didn't think there was a God.
Hardly a week went by after this prayer and the Lord brought someone in my life that would change my life forever.  I have to skip a lot or I would end up righting a book.
About three months later I found myself at a business meeting in Richmond, Virginia with  about eight thousand people on a Sunday morning.  For the first time I really heard that I could have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  I had nothing to lose, so I prayed the prayer with him.  You guessed it, the greatest miracle that ever happened to me happened on January 3, 1993, I became a brand new baby in Christ Jesus.  There is no greater miracle than salvation.  Let's skip to June 1994, I went back to the same church I grew up in which didn't teach much.  My heart was changing despite this and the pornography in my life just had to go.  It was a month later that I realized I had been addicted to that stuff because the withdraws were awful.  I find it no coincidence that the lord opened the flood gates of his healing power after getting rid of the pornography.  It all started when I came back from Virginia Beach with a really bad case of strep throat.  I was home sick and watching T.V. when I saw this guy named Benny Hinn.  I thought, what a joke!  I was told all my life that "healers" are all fakes.  After four days of seeing him in four cites with twenty to thirty thousand people per city I said, "You can't fool that many people."  I went to see a friend to do some business even though I was still sick and he asked me if I believed in divine healing.  I whispered that I think it may be true.  He and another friend prayed for me and all of a sudden the fever went away and the lumps from the strep throat fell off.  Needless to say I became a crazy man for Jesus and I wanted to be set free from that arthritis!  For the next three weeks I studied and prayed hard.  I learned that the arthritis is satan's and not my arthritis.  I am a child of the King !  Sickness and desease was defeated by the blood of the Lord.  Not a waking  hour went by that I did not pray.  Finally one morning I woke up and the swelling was not there. The pain was not there.  For the first time in years I got right up from the bed and walked. GLORY HALLELUJAH TO OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST OUR SAVOR, THE LOVER OF OUR SOUL.  I was free!  That weekend I had myself measured and I grew one and a half inches, the same I lost years ago.  I've had teenagers ask me why I jump around so much; this is why.
     A good book to read is CHRIST THE HEALER by F.F. BOSWORTH.
Put yourself in the hands of the Lord, Amen.