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There are many types of ends you can put on your building.

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Green house plastic

SunMaster® Custom Cut White Greenhouse Film

Sun Master® 6 Mil 4 Year White Greenhouse Film offers excellent durability and light transmission.

• Ideal for both single and double layer greenhouse applications.
• Copolymer tri-layer construction provides superior strength, high light transmission and excellent film properties.
• 55% opacity keeps the light shining through.
• UV stabilized for up to four years of film life.
• Custom cut lengths under 50' long incur a small panel charge.
• Exclusive 4 year warranty!

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Polycarbonate Panels

Polycarbonate Panels

Polycarbonate greenhouse material has a professional appearance and is easy to handle. It comes in several different styles to suit a wide variety of applications. Whether you're building a DIY greenhouse or replacing existing greenhouse coverings you're sure to find the right polycarbonate for your project. We also offer Corrugated Polycarbonate which can be used for everything from greenhouses to DIY carports, deck and patio coverings, privacy windows, room dividers, pool enclosures and more!

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Pic Plast

Our best choice.

Solarig‘s premier greenhouse cover – Solaroof 172 – is at least 10 times stronger than conventional polyethylene film, providing greater durability and a high percentage of diffused light for increased crop yield. Made of woven plastic, this material carries a six-year warranty and will not tear in wind storms even when punctured.

See more on covering page.

Price is only $.24 cents per square foot. - Less than half of canvas.

Download Solarig Main Points.pdf


ClearSpan We offer ClearSpan covers and ends made to your needs.

Pre-primed siding


Our best choice for solid ends.


Less cost than canvas.



LP ® SmartSide ® panel options are available in three of our product collections. Each grouping offers a variety of unique styles and profiles.

Architectural Collection

  • Reverse Board and Batten
  • Stucco
  • Shiplap Edge
  • Made of treated fiber substrate; not rated for structural use

Precision Series

  • APA ® rated panels for structural use
  • Strong enough to be nailed directly to stud
  • May allow elimination of a layer of sheathing
  • Made of treated strand substrate
  • Offerings include no groove, 4” OC, 8” OC
  • Shiplap Edge


  • Offerings include 8” OC cedar and smooth
  • Available as primed
  • Made of treated fiber substrate; not rated for structural use
  • Shiplap Edge

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